Jan. 18th, 2010

magicelli: (rat)
I am curious...

I have been feeling acutely aware of sexism in the world around me lately, and it's made me wonder about quite a few things.

First - and I'm asking a question here, more than anything - how does a Christian who belongs to a denomination which does not ordain women reconcile themselves with that kind of sexism? Do they really believe that it's just a matter of men and women having different jobs or abilities? How could there never be an exception to that rule?

I can't see being a thinking, feeling, Christian who didn't chalk up a lot of the words in the bible to products of their time. There are a lot of things in the bible which have just been conveniently ignored - further sexism, for example, like where it says that women should never be in a position of authority over men - and if those things are let go, why not also ordain women?

In a broader sense, I think sexism is hurting our country, still, and lately, I feel like the prevalence of Christianity is contributing mightily to that issue.
This starts to get kind of long... )
I guess I think too much.

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