Feb. 25th, 2010

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Not sure, but this elusive creature has puzzled scientists across the world. Is she real? Does she actually exist?

Well, ok, yes. I do exist. But in what form? Am I a mist, or a jelly? Or perhaps, made of meat? Ok, yeah, I'm made of meat.

But, on a deeper level, what is the general purpose of an Elli? Does she think, therefore she is? Does she exist for the purpose of the betterment of all mankind? Or is she kind of a shallow whiner?

The world may never know.


Er, which is to say, it's time for bed, bitches.
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To do...


finish digging garden
construct garden frame
put dirt in
plant stuff

General yard:

Clean up
wash patio and outside of house
trim plants and mow grass

things to paint:

1 square wooden table
2 wooden chairs
1 kids bench
1 potting bench
the shed (optional?)

Also - put up shelves and colorful pots on the outside of the shed. If this looks good enough, painting the whole shed might not be that important.

Seems like a lot to do!!!!

And now, take cat to vet. Hasta!

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