Oct. 24th, 2010

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1. It doesn't take a lot of material
2. The doll will never complain if the clothes are ugly
3. You don't have to worry about them being uncomfortable
4. The doll won't grow up and look at pictures of itself and hate you
5. The doll doesn't need proper cover-up
6. The doll won't grow out of the clothes in 15 minutes
7. The doll is unlikely to soil its clothes
8. You don't have to worry if its outfits are warm/cool enough for the weather
9. So what if the pants are too short or the skirt is too long
10. Adding lace over a mistake DOES make it look better!

There are a few drawbacks, mostly that it's harder to find patterns and the small corners are FREAKING SMALL. That being said, I'm making a bunch of doll clothes for Tegan's doll for Christmas, and the first attempt came out pretty damn awesome. The above list is what was going on in my head while I worked.

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