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I started sewing a little bit about 4 years ago. I got a sewing machine, which I was terrified of. Then [ profile] barelyproper helped me make a costume for Michael for Ren Faire and I got a little better. I didn't really start diving into it until about 4 months ago, though. I made some things here and there for Tegan, at first, then I made myself a skirt and it just sort of clicked. About a month ago I made myself a very basic bodice without boning from a pattern that [ profile] barelyproper made for me. A couple weekends ago I helped [ profile] queencrckt make a costume for her kiddo, then I started in earnest on my own Ren Faire costume and it's coming along gorgeously. Yes, I got some help from Janice, but I cut it out myself and every single stitch has been by my hand and sewing machine.

People are starting to ask me for tips and help with sewing and costuming and I am starting to feel like a person who sews.

The thing is, I've been dabbling in crafts my entire life. I have crocheted, knitted, done clay, you name it, I have probably dabbled at least a little bit. I was always 'sufficiently ok' at all of them, but never really satisfied with the results or the effort vs. results.

But now I know that sewing is me. Sewing is my thing.

Who knew?

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