Feb. 10th, 2010 09:43 am
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Dear Asshats who wrote this,
Please die in a fire.


Also, I find it interesting that I can't find any reporting about the bill in a newspaper or anything other than personal blogs and gay rights forums.
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My answer to the "6 reasons" that people were told to vote for Prop 8:

Children in public schools will have to be taught that same-sex marriage is just as good as traditional marriage.

Just as LEGAL, not just as good. They don't teach that it's just as good to marry for money, or marry for lust, and those things are legal too.

Unless Proposition 8 passes, all of those school districts will be required to teach children in grades K-12 that same-sex marriage is equal in every way to traditional marriage.

Equal in every way as LEGAL marriage. They won't have a word to say about your marriage before GOD, if that's what floats your boat.

Churches may have their tax exempt status challenged or revoked if they publicly oppose same-sex marriage or refuse to allow same-sex marriage ceremonies in their religious buildings open to the public.

There is no precedent for this. It never happened when they axed the anti-mecegination laws, so this is based on a complete fabrication.

Adoption agencies will be forced to place children with same-sex couples, regardless of an agency's beliefs. Adoption agencies that oppose placing children with same-sex couples for religious or other reasons have already been forced to stop providing adoption services in Massachusetts and California.

Patently untrue. The adoption agencies in Mass and Cali were not forced to stop providing adoption. Their government funding was taken away, and they chose to close instead of operating without it. They didn't even TRY to get separate funding. Really, if you use the rules of your religion as a guideline for what you claim to be a public service, then you shouldn't have government funding anyway.

Religions that sponsor private schools with married student housing may be required to provide housing for same-sex couples, even if counter to church doctrine, or risk lawsuits over tax exemptions and related benefits.

Because all the gay people are flocking to Bob Jones University.

Ministers who preach against same-sex marriages may be sued for hate speech and risk government fines. It has already happened in Canada and Sweden, countries that have legalized same-sex marriage.

Non one can even win a lawsuit against FRED PHELPS. If he's safe, you probably are too.

Everyone will pay. Changing the definition of marriage will generate a flood of lawsuits which will inflict heavy legal costs upon the parties who are sued and upon their business customers--that's you.

So they expect us to deny someone rights because it might take some money out of our pockets? I can see that some lawsuits may happen. I hate that. People who use civil rights activism for financial gain can bite me. Shame on them! But the chances that it's going to affect everyone personally? Scare tactics that appeal to your very sophisticated of them.
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I am dreading becoming a stay at home parent again.

There, I said it.
Why that doesn't make me a bad person )
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A chat between myself and coworkers:

I am evil, have you gotten around to selling your soul yet?
to whom?
I can't find a buyer
Satan, of course
he doesn't answer my txts
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Tv Meme )
Bonus question, because I'd like to see other people's answers (even if you just answer in my comments and don't do the meme)

What show did you watch, expecting it to be so-so, only to find out it was awesome?
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I am curious...

I have been feeling acutely aware of sexism in the world around me lately, and it's made me wonder about quite a few things.

First - and I'm asking a question here, more than anything - how does a Christian who belongs to a denomination which does not ordain women reconcile themselves with that kind of sexism? Do they really believe that it's just a matter of men and women having different jobs or abilities? How could there never be an exception to that rule?

I can't see being a thinking, feeling, Christian who didn't chalk up a lot of the words in the bible to products of their time. There are a lot of things in the bible which have just been conveniently ignored - further sexism, for example, like where it says that women should never be in a position of authority over men - and if those things are let go, why not also ordain women?

In a broader sense, I think sexism is hurting our country, still, and lately, I feel like the prevalence of Christianity is contributing mightily to that issue.
This starts to get kind of long... )
I guess I think too much.
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I read this today and it turned my stomach.

I was hoping that maybe I could make my point understood if I reworded it just a smidge. All I have done here is replace the words "Prop 8" with "anti-miscegenation" and "same sex" with "interracial" and "gays and lesbians" with "minorities".

I think that's all I really need to say to get my point across.

We’re off. The first day of trial is concluded and we are beginning to see the outlines of the plaintiffs’ case emerge. Emotion was the order of the day as our opponents took the stand to describe examples of “awkward” situations and social discomfort in their everyday life experiences. They also testified about how they experienced “hurt feelings” whenever they saw a Yes on Anti-Miscegenation campaign ad, bumper sticker, or sign.

One witness took particular offense by the campaign’s advertisements that encouraged voters to vote yes to “protect our children.” You’ll remember that the campaign had informed voters that legally recognizing interracial marriage would interfere with the rights of parents to raise their own children according to their own beliefs. The witness actually admitted that he believes parents should have the primary responsibility for instilling moral values in children, but still couldn’t see that reasonable voters would feel the need to “protect our children” from laws that infringe on those parental rights.

What were conspicuously missing from the plaintiffs’ testimony were any examples of complaints that could be legally remedied by striking down Anti-Miscegenation. It was quite apparent that striking down Anti-Miscegenation would not likely put an end to uncomfortable social experiences such as “puzzled looks” from people they meet.

Several times Judge Walker interrupted the plaintiffs to question whether the state should be “in the marriage business” at all, asking if the plaintiffs would be happy with eliminating marriage altogether—and allowing only domestic partnerships for both same race and interracial couples. Amazingly the plaintiffs testified that would be acceptable to them. They actually said: if interracial couples can’t have marriage, then no one should. Obviously, the elimination of marriage for everybody is certainly not what the people of California, or the nation, have in mind as an appropriate solution to this debate.

Both from the opening arguments delivered by plaintiffs’ attorney Ted Olson, and the witness testimony, it is clear that our opponents are trying to re-characterize Anti-Miscegenation — which simply restores the age-old meaning of marriage — as part of a agenda of hate and discrimination against minorities. One attorney said as much, claiming that Anti-Miscegenation promotes hate crimes against blacks, asians, depression, homelessness, etc. These claims are preposterous, and we hope that they will be seen as such as the trial progresses.

The last witness today was Harvard Professor Nancy Cott who testified about the history of marriage in the United States. Amazingly, Cott testified that marriage has not been universally understood to be an interracial relationship throughout most of history. Her testimony resumes tomorrow, and then our legal team will have an opportunity to cross-examine about her historical opinions.

Lastly, the debate rages on about televising the Anti-Miscegenation trial. Our opponents continue to insist that televising this trial is important to help “educate the public” about interracial marriage and promote public awareness of the nature of interracial relationships. Those justifications actually make our point that the trial should not be televised! The federal courts are supposed to be the guardian of our right to a “fair and impartial trial.” The courts have never been intended for use as a tool to “educate the public.” And there is no need in this case. We all know there is no shortage of high-profile public debate about the marriage issue, and we need not turn this proceeding into a “show trial” at the expense of fairness and impartiality to ourselves, our witnesses, and our ability to put on a full legal defense.

On this point, the United States Supreme Court’s order today that temporarily stayed Judge Walker’s plans to broadcast the trial on the Internet via YouTube is a hopeful sign that our nation’s highest court will give this issue their immediate attention and full consideration and protect our right to a fair trial.


Dec. 31st, 2009 04:48 pm
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I was doing much better this morning, but now I'm starting to kind of flip out.

It's a combination of loss, car trouble, work stress, banking issues, vet bills, and family drama.

Add to that the pressure of potty training, bun bun starting Preschool on Monday and this weird lump of scar tissue or something on the corner of my eye and I'm sort of losing it.

I'm trying to remind myself that other than getting yelled at by my sister for now not coming down to the bay area to help deal with the family drama, the weekend should be really chill. We have food in the house, and tomorrow it will rain and we can all just hang out comfy cozy, right? Saturday is a birthday party and outside of that, we have nowhere we have to go and nothing we have to do.

So I should take a deep breath and calm down.

So much easier said than done.

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Results 1 - 10 of about 3,600 for "I'm a nice man" +han solo. (0.31 seconds)
Results 1 - 10 of about 23,900 for "I'm nice men" +han solo. (0.16 seconds)

Numbers don't lie!!!!


Dec. 30th, 2009 09:40 am
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We really do have the best friends ever. [ profile] gravilim, [ profile] ktbee, [ profile] vivalabonita and [ profile] queencrckt this especially means you!
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[Error: unknown template qotd]

It scares me to think I have been using the internet for ten or fifteen years. As a matter of fact, I have been using the internet for ... sixteen years. Back then it was what, a hacked email account at Stanford and MUD? I don't think I could have even conceived of what the freaking thing is like now, seriously.

Wow, now I feel old.


Nov. 11th, 2009 12:56 am
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I think I can safely say this is the longest I've ever gone without posting on LJ. Stupid Facebook! On LJ I can post actual sentences and paragraphs and thoughts and ideas...only no one ever reads them these days, because, well, I know if I check my LJ more than once a day I find that it hasn't even changed. On Facebook I can post tiny meaningless snippets about random nothings and links to stupid crap...and like 100 people see it every day.

What is wrong with this picture?

I'm not really whining, it's just sort of a passing thought. I miss the days where I, and my friends, had time to actually think about things and get philosophical and/or introspective.

That isn't to say I haven't had some deep conversations with real people (as opposed to you internet fake people, haha) in the last couple of weeks - but my memory isn't what it used to be, so I can't actually retain any of that crap for long. I'm just kidding...mostly.

Truthfully, I think it's sad how much time I used to have. It must say something about how old I feel that I really do feel now like I wasted so much of my youth.

Gah, someone get me some polyester pants and a collection of cat figurines, because I am officially old now.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to say 'whippersnapper'. There. Another nail in the coffin.


Sep. 29th, 2009 02:59 pm
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For those who are not FB inclined, or if it just went by to fast, the Doctor took the eyepatch off yesterday and I'm like a whole new person. I even went to work today, though I seem to be nearing the end of my tolerance for it. Blinking isn't fun.

But yeah, I'm off the vicodine and only 'fairly uncomfortable' now instead of OMG kill me please. And I can drive!


Sep. 23rd, 2009 12:24 pm
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I just met Wynton Marsalis.

He was really nice and engaging and spoke at the Art's Initiative meeting today. I asked a question and he answered it, and then afterward I told him I was a very happy trumpet player to have met him. He kissed me on the cheek and said good luck with my music.

It was really cool!


Sep. 11th, 2009 01:28 pm
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This is a link to pictures of the surgery I am having. Do not click unless you have a really strong stomach. EW EW EW.


Seriously, if you do click, just remember that I warned you.

But the results for the patient were good, and I really need to stop waking up in pain every night.

The before and afters give me hope, though.



So. EW.
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Tegan is getting really HUGE and sweet and talkative. I mean, man can that kid talk! She says things like, "No, Mama, I don't climb the couch." or "I go in time out, one minute!" etc, with all those tiny parts of speech included. And, as the quote would indicate, she did put herself in time out today. It was kind of hilarious, and she probably deserved it.

Tomorrow life changes in earnest for reals no backsies! What I mean is that Michael starts school and Tegan goes off to child care every day. I'm hoping she gets used to it as it becomes a reality and that it really is the best option for all.

There are other options - if she doesn't do well, I can work part time again, and I can work from home more, and I can teach lessons and try to work when Michael's not working, etc. But we really feel that the financial freedom and stability will lower our stress level to a point where though we spend less time together as a family, it will tend to be happy and productive time, rather than something less positive.

Things really are good, over all. My biggest complaint about my life right now is how boring my job is. The hours are great, the pay is good, the atmosphere is more than tolerable, but I would really prefer a job that had growth and interest, rather than what I have which is, "CLICK HERE, MONKEY!" and it truly does bore me to tears.

So many people are out of work or under paid, I know I shouldn't complain. I guess it really is too much to ask for your job to be challenging, meaningful and/or a positive force for good in the world.

I wish I had more time on every level for every thing that I hold dear. More time for friends, more time for family. More time to think, to create, to SLEEP. Yeah, I'm complaining about sleep but I'm up at midnight on a work night when I have to get up in six hours or something.

But hey, what's the point of living if I can't think and reflect once in a while?

That being said, how the hell are you people? I hear so little from LJ these days - everything is tweets and Facebook, and it's like thoughts have been reduced from paragraphs to sentences. Where's the meat?

If you actually read this entire post, I implore you; respond with a paragraph about what you are doing. About how you are. I would really love to know. Seriously.

I'm good at talking up a storm and damn if I can't overshare with the best of them.

Now it's your turn. Do it, you know you want to!
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Anyone wanna get in on some garage sale action? We have a lot of baby clothes to get rid of, but not a lot else, and the more stuff the better!

I dunno when yet, I just know that I have got to get rid of these freaking baby clothes taking up half my closet.
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After we watched one episode:

"I don't like it."
"Why not?"
"Well, that's really bad."



Aug. 21st, 2009 11:35 am
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When I feel like things are on rocky ground, I'm much more disturbed by violence and depressing music, lyrics, or stories.

I just had to skip 3 different songs in my itunes that on any other day wouldn't have bothered me.

As an aside, does anyone around here know much about home loans? We are getting jerked around and I'm looking for some answers.

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