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Well folks, there's a lot of interesting stories to tell, as well as other information, but busy busy! Thanks to iWeb it took me about 5 minutes to provide you with some pictures. :)
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Hello, everybody, it is I, your furry little pal, uh, no, wait, that's Grover. It is I, your tired little pal, Elli.

OH MY GOD AM I TIRED. I don't feel like I have a hope in hell of catching up on LJ, but I will try.

My trip was a mishmash of a million different things, and all in all, I'm very glad that we went, but if I ever plan another trip like it in the future, I'm going to do things quite differently.

Ok, wow, typing seems weird. Everyone speaking English seems weird. My cats seem weird. Well, the are weird, but they seem... foreign, I guess.

Speaking of cats and foreign, Flether's new name is -- Pantalones! Doesn't that have a nice ring to it? Do you know what else has a nice ring to it? That's right, boys and girls, SLEEP DEPRAVAION.

Must go die now, hopefully I'll survive work tomorrow.
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Still in Mexico, and I feel like my sinuses have been taken over by some kind of moisture eating dust monster!

We've had an interesting time so far, and I haven't had time to read LJ yet, so I hope all is well with everyone!

I miss my kities, (pantalones!) and my friends and so forth, but we're having fun and seeing some interesting stuff. We drove all day, got lost, stuck on a one way road in the mountains for an hour, and then got lost again, so I'm really tired and probably moderately incoherent at the moment.

Night all!

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