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I am losing my mind. I dunno why. Just feeling kind of frantic and depressed and worried and spazzed out.

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Rather a long one. My favorite chapter of Mes Miserables by Victor Hugo. (for a chapter in a hugely long book, it's quite short - less than a page.)

Chapter V: Prayer )
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Hello, everybody, it is I, your furry little pal, uh, no, wait, that's Grover. It is I, your tired little pal, Elli.

OH MY GOD AM I TIRED. I don't feel like I have a hope in hell of catching up on LJ, but I will try.

My trip was a mishmash of a million different things, and all in all, I'm very glad that we went, but if I ever plan another trip like it in the future, I'm going to do things quite differently.

Ok, wow, typing seems weird. Everyone speaking English seems weird. My cats seem weird. Well, the are weird, but they seem... foreign, I guess.

Speaking of cats and foreign, Flether's new name is -- Pantalones! Doesn't that have a nice ring to it? Do you know what else has a nice ring to it? That's right, boys and girls, SLEEP DEPRAVAION.

Must go die now, hopefully I'll survive work tomorrow.
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An excerpt from a conversation with my nephew:

Drew: I took this one test once
Drew: to see what I would be as a dungeons and dragons character
Drew: and I consider that to be more accurate then most tests
Drew: cuz in one I'm a number after one long word
Drew: and in the other
Drew: I can kick a beholder's ass in 6 seconds

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Every moment, second, nanosecond, something happens which affects us, whether we are cognizant of it or not. A change in sound, in light, in breath, a tiny and seemingly insignificant fluctuation in the world around us. The breath of the universe, if you will.

We react on some level to those things - sometimes with intellectual understanding, but more often in an involuntary way. Those tiny moments are handled not by our thinking intellectual brain, but by our subconscious, our spirit.

Every fluctuation is a contrast from the last - goofy against serious, light against dark, peaceful against chaotic. Which of those feelings you carry with you is a reflection of your nature.

You can break anything down smaller, bring it to a subatomic level, be it matter or time. Within a large contrast there is always a smaller step, something in between. Most notice the larger variances, some the smaller, and fewer the smallest. To be aware of every one of those things at all times is practically impossible - but might that be what enlightenment is about? The ability to see every change, every motion, every nuance, and maintain that core of yourself, your spirit - allow it still to guide your reactions to everything you experience, no matter its size or significance.

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