Apr. 30th, 2006 11:41 pm
magicelli: (washed out)
Life has been very good lately. Work has improved a great deal now that the movie project is over, choir is going well - I have two solos in the upcoming Mozart concert.

Michael and I have started being more social, which is a welcome change. I don't think we ever really got our social lives back after the breaking of 'the six'. It's a hard thing - I think for me the part I missed the most about that dynamic is that we were all comfortable together, in any configuration and in many different settings. Lately there has been a return of 'default' friends - and while I will always have room for new friends, or time to see old friends, there's something nice about a relationship that can be maintained and nurtured without any uncomfortable effort.

In the midst of this, I should also mention that in contrast to my current social circle, I have a few old friends who I miss having in my life. I'm trying to keep perspective on that, remember the things that taught me how to be a friend, rather than mourn what has passed and will not return. Death, distance, mistakes and pure stupidity have taken their toll on my friendships throughout my life. Something I'm sure everyone suffers from.
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