Dec. 2nd, 2008 01:08 am
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I've been a bit quiet lately. What with all the singing, child rearing, working, and projects I've been doing, I've hardly had any time to actually think, much less write my thoughts down.

I think I have some of those. Thoughts, I mean.

I'm trying to get enough students and classes going to replace my job when it ends (after the new year or maybe a bit after that) but so far that plan isn't fleshed out yet.

Also, I hate money. Just FYI.

Also, I am tired of getting sick, seriously. It needs to end.
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So I'm shaking off the crap of the pasts few weeks now, moving forward, staying positive. I've been doing it for a whole 12 hours or so, go me!

Really, the sad stuff I've been dealing with has just been a layer of bad over a strong and stable core, which is to say, other than some junk I had to go through, my life is really very good. It's so easy to lose focus and just see the sad horrible crap because it seems so big when you're in it.

Santa Boss bought me some really cool new headphones, wich is nice, since the number crunching type stuff I've been doing is so much easier to focus on with music. I swear, sometimes I feel like I'm an accountant or something with the long columns of numbers and lists I'm constantly comparing. Excel is evil, but also a usefull tool when you come down to it. It's like a necessary evil, I guess. I need new music, though! I need to put more of my music on my macbook pro, really.

Anyway, back to the grindstone, I guess. I hope my brain doesn't goo out my ears!

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